Ludmila Prokešová

I work as a recruiter and headhunter, mostly for the production industry, electrical, automotive, and mechanical engineering. I connect clients and candidates for specialist and managerial positions. The moment when I find the right candidate, who is motivated to take up a new position, and a client looking forward to meeting a new employee, is the reason why I keep doing this work. It’s a passion! I want to do the recruitment job properly, with all that it takes. I do my best to cover the entire process of candidate search as thoroughly as possible. It involves being a consultant for both parties – the candidate and the client, finding out and understanding what each of them are looking for. This is how long-term relationships with candidates and clients are established, and I just love that.

I have been working in HR and recruitment since 2002. My first job was in a small international company that had brought its know-how from Germany. We delivered HR audits and assessment centre services. This experience opened a way for me to move to one of the largest recruitment agencies, where I had the opportunity to learn a lot, and I did. Over the nine years there I was both a recruiter and consultant in outplacement projects for all management levels, including long-term projects.

In 2013 I was once again drafted to a smaller company – with greater freedom than in a larger corporate company, but also with great more responsibility. That was exactly what I was looking for. I met a great team there. I still work with some of them, while others have separated and gone their own way. But we remain in contact, and meet for seminars, weekends, outdoor trips, or just at a café.

One of the most important things for me is to respect others. It is the same with many of my candidates and clients I’ve known for years. Sometimes we just meet and talk about the situation on the market, where their industry has moved over the time since we last met. I like to provide consultation in a field I am familiar with, which includes technical positions. I do hope you will enjoy meeting me over a coffee.