Kateřina Mrázová

My job involves sophisticated searches for candidates, which sometimes is almost like being a detective or investigator. I learn new things every day and constantly seek better ways of getting to the best of candidates. Every project is a challenge for me and each of them requires a specific strategy. I often work on difficult projects where the online environment simply isn’t enough, and in such situations I use many other methods and tools to get to the right people. The most effective and at the same time most pleasant way of meeting people, especially in these busy times, is a personal talk over a good coffee.

Variety is the best thing about my work, the opportunity to meet and talk with professionals, and to learn about the details of their profession. I often contact people who are already employed, and therefore it is essential for me to be able to come up with very attractive offers. An individual approach and paying great attention during the meetings with my clients enable me to gain a deeper understanding of their situation, their needs, to learn about their company culture and their work teams. The more detailed information I get from the client, the easier it is to find and address the right person for them.

Freedom and independence are an important aspect of my personal life. I am lucky to be able to work with people who share the same values and the same approach to business, as well as an ability to work in a team. At Livio I’ve found the best colleagues and friends with whom I share many interests; we are always up to new adventures.