Pavel Lipovský

Recruiter and founder of Livio consulting

Since 2002 I have been working in recruitment and headhunting; over the years I found out that I enjoy working in many different fields, enjoy learning about the specifics of my clients’ businesses, diving deep into the details of the individual industries, and talking with my clients about the interesting aspects of their jobs and disciplines. I can spot talents. I like candidates who talk passionately about their work and their projects.

I started working as an employee, later as a company executive, and eventually the time came to start my own business. However I still want to be a recruiter, as communicating with companies and candidates continues to fill me with positive energy.

At Livio Consulting we are a great team of professionals with many years of experience and are always keen to help you with recruiting for your key positions. We look forward to collaborating with you; do not hesitate to contact us!


Recruiter and founder of Livio consulting


Headhunting, recruitment, management, technical recruitment, HR, finance, business


Since 2002 work in recruitment, interviewing candidates, direct addressing of passive candidates, meetings with clients.